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Almost-born Monarch chrysalis pendant

Almost-born Monarch chrysalis pendant

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Glass almost-born chrysalis with 24k dots, 14k gold-filled chain and giftbox.

Hours before a Monarch hatches, the chrysalis goes from jade green to transparent, and you can see the wings inside the chrysalis. Here it is captured in glass.

I've been studying the Monarch chrysalis for over 20 years. It's been an awe-inspiring challenge to try to recreate what nature does so beautifully. I make each glass chrysalis one at a time in the flame of a torch, adding pure 24k gold while it's still semi-molten. I use a caliper so each piece measures out at no more than 1 1/16" and no less than 15/16", for that is how they measure when I raise them every summer. All pieces are kiln annealed and set on a 18" 14k gold-filled bail and chain. 
A large number of my customers like to compare their necklaces to a real chrysalis, as I have done on my store front page. With such high expectations, it's very important to me to meet or exceed them.


Artisan glass, 24k gold on 16" 14k gold-filled chain and bail.

Shipping & Returns

Orders are made then shipped within 3-7 days via Priority Mail USPS. Returns are accepted on all non-custom items. Buyer pays return ship.


Each chrysalis measures a range of 15/16"-1". This is exactly what they measure in real life.

Care Instructions

Glass in this form is surprisingly durable. Occasional drops onto wooden or vinyl flooring will most likely turn out fine. A drop on concrete may not bode well.

Do not wash in washing machine.

24k gold doesn't easily tarnish. The gold can be buffed with a jewelry cloth if desired.

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"I bought this for my wife for our 22nd anniversary. She raises monarchs so I knew that she’d love it. When it arrived it was beyond expectations. Absolutely beautiful. She loves it. You should have seen her face. 😀".

"I grew up in New England and as a kid we had monarchs in our house the end of every summer. We would collect the caterpillars from a nearby field when they were small, feed them milkweed every day, watch them make a chrysalis and then wait. Eventually they would get dark, and if we were lucky enough we were there when they came free. We would go out side and they would walk on our hands and arms as the wings dried, then eventually fly away. For years I thought jade was the perfect chrysalis color and had wondered if anyone had thought to make a pendent out of jade with gold beading."

"Wow. Not only is the pendant more stunning in real life, Jude is the loveliest and kindest person too. Her level of care and heart with both her craft and the customer service is top-notch. The pendant also arrived quickly. Truly blown away, thank you so much!"