What is lampworking?

Lampworking is the process of melting glass in the flame of a torch. It is not blowing glass, because the only blowing that is going on is the occasional puff to quick chill the skin of a molten piece of glass. Instead, the lampworking, or flameworker, uses tools made of flame friendly materials like graphite, or steel, or tungsten to poke and prod and cajole the glass into the concept they have. I actually learned how to torch in order to create the concept for my chrysalis bead, which was burning inside me, insisting on being created. I worked at a stained glass studio at the time and was able to methodically gather some skills.

Jude Rose, chrysalis jewelry Jude Rose Monarch chrysalis station Jude Rose Monarch chrysalis station

Plays with fire

I personally am a bead maker. I always like to say I make my work from the inside out, which is completely accurate. The glass I use, a soda-lime made in Murano or America, melts at around 3000 degrees F. In spite of this extreme temperature, I am still able to hold the opposite side of the glass rod with bare hands, since glass is a terrible heat conductor. It is necessary to wear protective eye gear to see past the glaring flare of the flame.

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The results