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Ancient Child

The minutes to hours the hours have turned into needing.
While we crawl through the trenches at war with our hour of meaning.
I see a garden of greed and here my love lies bleeding.

Well the hope for the future is that one day our eyes will peel open.
Expose a peace that is just and reformed-
At least that's what I'm hoping.

But for now I'll just weed.
My wants.
From my needs.
In the garden of greed, my love lies bleeding.

Eye for an eye til we're blind.
An eye for an eye til we've all gone blind.
A denial. Of the Ancient Child. In my heart.

And then the music cried
because we'd thrown it all away
And so tomorrow died.
To come back another day.

Patiently they wait. While we cling to the blades of denial.

And so the Water thought
that It would help us Dream the way
And how the children taught.
But we led them all astray.

And patiently they wait
While we cling to the blades of denial

Eye for an eye til we're blind
Eye for and eye til we've all gone blind.
A denial. Of the Ancient Child.
In my heart.

This is a song I wrote several years ago. It was one of those that comes bubbling out without much effort. The line about the ancient child gave me goosebumps and I started to flesh out what it meant. Eventually I used it for my company name.

I’m in the camp that accepts that time is simultaneous at other perspectives (dimensions). In that light, the child we began as in this journey has never really gone away. She stills exists and is still drawing from her past and sending out dreams to her future. You are that future moment right now. How did you do? Did you remember to remember her/his needs as well as you moved forward?
We often don’t. I certainly forget more often than I’d like to admit. Simply having sympathy for the frustrations a child feels as they try to fit in an oversized world and having compassion for the myriad of mistakes made along the way creates healing.
The other part is to remember to be playful now. Have some fun and remember to be ridiculous. The wisdom of the ancient child, the child you have been in many, many lifetimes, will then be able to find it’s way out into your now.

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