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Jude Rose, chrysalis jewelry

Jude's about:

I'm really glad I’ve found glass. I love working with the elements. Fire for melting the earth's silica. Oxygen/air to feed the fire. And the non-stop river of creativity guiding my fingers. It is a medium that is so willing to explore with me. And it is a beautiful way for me to share my love of life itself.

Some of you may be curious about the tattooed lady here on the site. Well, the tattoos are more like quick-change henna, since they're impermanent. But she's a symbol of my inner muse. A womb of creativity that reminds me that it's not as important what I do for a living, but rather who I am in my life. I think of all artists as shaman, harnessing Spirit into glimpses of Truth. My muse is all over the place, swimming inside a mind's eye, meditating, pregnant with possibilities, and even being born herself inside the chrysalis shell.
I drew these images for me as much as anyone, as a way of exploring this side of my inner psyche. I think it's fascinating that in all but one image (the swimmer), she is simply Being rather than Doing. That's neat.

About the beads and jewelry. - I’ve been flameworking since 1999 or somewhere around that here in Wisconsin. In 2007 I had my twin boys, and they have put an interesting wrench in the beadmaking machine. It is what it is, though. They need me more right now than anybody else out there, so I just find ways to fit everything in between the cracks. It's been working fine as long as I don't get too many orders. My glass work is like a part of my body-like a hand or sense of smell. I use it and love to have it around, but it's only one part of an entity that makes up my life as a whole. So this simply means I am also off doing and being a thousand other things, much like the butterflies I love so much.

As for the technical side of things, I take my playing very seriously, conscious of the importance of selling a piece that has integrity. I properly anneal, use high-quality materials like pure gold and Venetian glass (mainly Effetre for you techies), and do my very best to get everything shipped lickety-split. I have been working with glass in various forms since 1998, and we've got a good understanding of each other. It’s probable that my designs will keep morphing and becoming better refined. I am never satisfied and always striving to reach the next plateau of craftsmanship. It makes for a very satisfying way of life.

How I met the Monarch

Click if you'd like to read about my first chrysalis encounter.

Your way of drawing on the color schemes of nature is thrilling to me. Thank you so much. I'm beside myself to have a new chrysalis.
OMG! It was the MOST BEAUTIFUL piece of art I ever owned! So many people already have commented on it!! I cant wait for the new one to come. Thank you so much it was much more beautiful than I could have ever expected!!

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